Another Night At The Copper Coin

We Were Promised Jetpacks

—Keeping Warm

The chances of being born are so slim, so keep warm, so keep warm

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Pianos Become the Teeth

—I'll Be Damned


You had to fade away, you had to leave 
I’m pleading for one more time with what I know now, 
I’m begging for the same flake to fall twice for the first time, 
I’m begging for what wasn’t said. 
That night the snow shaped the land, and I walked home, 
I laughed the whole way because I suppose if it hurts, 
It’s worth it, but now that ghost is me.


what “social justice” should be:

  • spreading awareness of issues affecting specific groups of people in society

what “social justice” somehow ended up being:

  • shaming or generalizing anyone who has a different opinion than you
  • calling people “scum” and telling them to “go die”
  • calling people uneducated, then refusing to educate them
  • acting like a self-righteous “moral authority” and expecting people to praise you up for it
  • having a bitter, angry outlook on the world
  • looking for “casual-‘isms’” in insignificant everyday things
  • nitpicking the media to find ridiculous new reasons to be offended
  • invalidating someone else’s negative experiences on the basis of “privilege”
  • playing “Oppression Olympics”
  • claiming to be against discrimination, then continuing to discriminate others
  • claiming to speak for specific people who never actually wanted your help in the first place
  • misc. hypocrisy/bigotry

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Face it…


Tumblr doesn’t love minorities, they love their kind of minority

Tumblr doesn’t love women, they love their kind of women.

Tumblr doesn’t love LGBTQ they love their kind of LGBTQ.

The minute you deviate from the way they want you to think, feel, and act, you’re as worthless to them as all the “bigots” they claim to hate. Tumblr is not an accepting place. 

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Touché Amoré


Over and under, I’ll dissolve and use charm as my cover. Left over right, walk a careful line between you and the outside. There is confidence and delusion. I reside between that confusion. It’s a misstep down a black hole. It’s a long way down and a mouthful. So overcome and become one. Over and under we learn to grow and we learn to recover. Over and out, I’ll play the card that holds me in less doubt. There’s promiscuity and devotion. Only one fulfills an emotion. It’s a big step to end a yearning. It’s accepting love but I’m learning to overcome and become one. I’ll find my way and follow through and maybe there I’ll meet you.

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